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Visit The Theatre of Magonio
The history of the theatrer from the beginning  in 1948 to the last performances in 90th years.
The chronicle of a great passion for the theatre from the last Maestro Puppeter

Puppet Theatres in Italy
List of the Italian Puppet theatres   grouped for city with a short presentation card and link to the relative Web pages
Biography of Mario Magonio
The true story of this great artist who has dedicated his life to the art of puppetry 

Mario Magonio
Founder of the Dialectal Puppet Theatre in Genoa 


Puppet Theatres of the World
Links to the web-pages of all the Puppet Theatres in the world subdivided for nation with connection to the best puppet images in a special Photographic Gallery
Collaborators of Mario Magonio
Artists and technicians that along the years  contributed to the representations of his theatre
Puppets  Museums 
Card of the best Museums in the world with informative notes and links to the relative web-pages
The scenographies of the Theatre
Technichs for realizing scenes and historichal scenographies of old Puppet theatres.
Images Gallery
A rich selection of Puppet  images choisen from the best theatres in the world.  A section is dedicated to wall advertisings of the Puppet shows
The Masks
All the puppets of Mario Magonio with a short card with their characteristics, the history of every puppets and a sample of their voices
Review of all the existing books regarding the argument Puppets and puppeters subdivided for Italian, English, Spanish and German language
The Critics
Articles of newspapers, reviews, folkloristic notes and citations about the puppet theatre of Mario Magonio

Visit the complete list of all 
The Puppet Theatres in Italy
The list grouped per cities contains a short card of every theatre 
with address, phone, e-mail and the eventual
link to the related web-pages  

Artists and people that count in the field
 of Italian Puppetry Theatres 

Associations and Club
Technical card and addresses of the main Associations and Club all over the world interested to the protection and promotion of the art of the Puppetry
Hand Puppets and String Puppets
Examples of manipulation and technical notes of animation of puppets
Puppet Builders
Subdivided for nation with address, phone, e-mail and link to the related web-pages
A Storyboard in English
A gift for all the puppet lovers: a complete storyboard written by Mario Magonio to realize in your Puppet theatre 
  Communication for 2002 year
Informations regarding manifestations of initiatives, show of Puppet theatres

Genoa in the '50
Notes and souvenirs of the old Genoa in the '50 years when the Theatre of  Mario Magonio was founded.

Numbers and tables on Italian and foreign Puppet Theatres listed for cities and nations. Also available list of Museums and puppetbuilders

How to build a Puppet Theatre
Short instruction to buil Puppet Theatre
Drawing and instructions in Italian

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or indications on Puppet Theatres in the world

Plan of the Theatre
Virtual Plant of this web-pages for one easy navigation through the several rooms linked pages with the arguments

Who is Who?
People and artists that count in the puppetry field in Italy with connection to the related presentation card. 

Analytical Index
Resume in hierarchical order of all the pages of Mario Magonio web
Baciccia della Radiccia Barudda and Pipia are the masks of the Puppet Theater of Mario Magonio.... visit these pages and you will know their story !

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16 Giugno 1944 - 1 Ottobre 1945
We have found the diary of the deportation of Mario Magonio 
in Germany during the Second World War

If you undestand Italian you must read this important document

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