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Let me introduce myself:
I'm a doctor; I graduated at the Verona University, Italy; I'm actually working in Bolzano, at the city urgent medical service.
My degree thesis, which you can find in this site, is about Diagnosis and treatment of the severe hemorrhages of the pancreas.
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But, I don't live only for medicine and surgery:   
Literacy:My favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe, whose poem " The Raven " is to me an object of cult.
  A nice site about Poe is Qrisse'sEdgar Allan Poe's Pages 
  EdgarAllan Poe
Music:I love Wagner, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Mahler and many others.
Sport:Fencing and Equitation  are my favorite ones, but I ski, swim and I hit (rarely) a ball whit a racket naming it tennis, too. 
Other:I'm an AD&D player; usually my character is a human cleric called Sinenomine.
I (Emanuele, not Sinenomine) write gothic tales, watch the sky with my telescope, and nightly explore ruined castles.
For the promotion of this last activity, my friend PaoloColetti and I have founded
DieGesellschaft der NachtBurgWanderer
The NightCastleWalkers'Society 
Mr. Paolo Coletti is also the President of the Kender Association
 The Kender Association
a foundation for the diffusion of Role Playing Games. Further informations are availables at its homepage.

And when some surgeon, fencer, gothic poet, rider, castle explorer or any other wants to mail me, here is my address:

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