Die Gesellschaft der NachtBurgWanderer
The NightCastleWalkers's Society was founded in February 1993.
It's a group of young people, living in Bolzano and Trento (Italy), who enjoy exploring nightly ruined castles.
We visited some of the many castles of our county never having seen them daily before.
Try to imagine walking across a dark forest, with the only light of the moon, the stars and your torch... and suddenly the spot of your light falls over something that seems to be built by human hands...
You see a wall, stairs and a door; you point the light on the door, but the darkness keeps unbroken.
And you decide to walk the stairs and go through the portal...
  some fearless NachtBurgWanderer, during an excursion
You are now into an ancient and ruined building; the ceiling has fallen long ago, and the moon paints strange shadows on the walls.
Silence is all around; only the cold wind moans slightly...
There are two little rooms not lightened by the moon ... somebody must explore them: you!
one of the many lovely creatures which lurk ruined castles 
You walk slowly into the darkness; the silence seems to be deeper there .. but suddenly
        a terrible noise coming from your shoulder freezes the blood in your veins!
One of your party had the bad idea to clear noisly his throat; with the few breath you have left, you shout him
The Society was founded by me (Emanuele M.Pozzo) and Paolo Coletti.
Mr. Paolo Coletti is also the president of the Kender Association; many of the NightCastleWalkers are KA members too.
I'm the President of the NCW's Society; we never did a regular election: during an excursion, lost in a forest for hours (our map was incorrect), we decided to designate as president he who will find the castle first ...
A special thanks goes to ms. Giovanna Zanolla, fearless NightCastleWalker, who invented the original German name of the Society (Die Gesellschaft der NachtBurgWanderer).
                            Werewolf ? There Castle ! 
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