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LC Meter ( info)

Isolated soundcard interface for digimodes ( info)
USB CAT cables  
USB CAT cable for AOR AR 8000  Cables  Connectors
Hardware and software for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) reception  
    Projects    Filters for repair Kenwood and Yaesu radios

Software download   simple SDR from Japan   W7IUV's preamplifier   building up ZetaSDR   IF SDR    



DRM converter

455 to 12 kHz

(450 to 12 kHz)


   DRM converter
for Icom

   9.0106 MHz
to 12 kHz

DRM converter

10.7 MHz to 12 kHz
10.695 MHz to 12 kHz
for Kenwood


keypad for Kenwood TS-990 by I5XWW

eBay*   bits and pieces   Radio Swap Markets (Italy and Elsewhere)   USB drivers, FTDI

Crispino Messina I5XWW - Via Di Vittorio 11 - 50058 SIGNA FI - ITALY

e-mail: crispinomessina@virgilio.it

thanks, Michele, 5R8UI !


IberRadio 2017, AVILA, Spain




Merca HAM radio 2016, Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona), Spain


home-made cables for Yaesu FT2 WiRES-X PDN Portable Digital Node


same functions as SCU-39 SCU-19 CT-44 cables

ト リオケーブルT-599 R-599TX-599 JR-599


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