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My Work


I have been working in ENI for 5 years now, I am a reservoir engineer. My focal point in ENI regards the dynamic data calibration, usually called History Matching. I will try to give a simple definition of it in the next paragraph.

The evaluation of the assets of an oil company and the strategic decisions of the field development depend on the results of reservoir dynamic model studies which concern the estimation of reserves and prediction of production profiles. Reservoir dynamic models need to be validated, for a correct prediction of production profiles, done by minimizing differences of simulated and observed historical production data. This is an indispensable but cumbersome process.

The Computer-Aided History Matching group (CAHM), for which I work, provides new, reliable and powerful software tools to other engineers in order to improve engineer’s life.

Our softwares package is one of the most complete on the market, also because of the useful addition and new softwares that the CAHM group has implemented during the last years.

In March 2006 I joined our research and development group in London, where all our efforts are directed in developing the best 3D numerical models of an oil/gas field in the Republic of Kazakhstan.