Apple IIgs (rom 3)
Apple IIgs (rom 3, 1125 kilobyte) with 1 megabyte ram expansion.
Originally my third apple IIGS was a rare rom 0. I've found a ROM 3 motherboard and replaced original ROM 0 motherboard to address lacking compatibility with newer software. Rom 0 is very restrictive with software developed since 1988, therefore not so useful for entertainment purposes: rom 0 motherboard is indeed a rare collector item and is now part of my collection.
"Rom 3" is visible in the lower side of the screen.
Overall memory greater than 2 megabytes
A part of ram could more easily dedicated to ram disk (green card). After ram disk size varying is now possible a warm reboot.
Clearly visible n.8 128 k "fast ram" IC. Battery is now placed into an holder. Ensoniq sound chip, and videographic controller are no more inserted into specific socket. Rom 3 sports also a new adb chip, and a jumper in order to lock control panel access. Rom capacity is now doubled using double DIP package 28 pin eprom containing GSOS toolset (reduced boot time, lower amount of used ram)
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