the Amatorial Radioastronomy Research Group of Trentino



Abaut the G.R.R.A.T.

G.R.R.A.T. is the Amatorial Radioastronomy Research Group of Trentino.

It is the first Group and the only one of this sort existing in all the Trentino area and its main aim is to gather people fonded in Radioastronomy to create collaboration in research.We want to meet people that know about Astronomy, Radioastronomy, Engeenering, Electronic, etc. Our purpose is to discover new ideas and develop new projects working together.

The G.R.R.A.T. is not an association, but it wants to be a meeting point for different experiences of people that are living far away, but can however work together for a common project.

The G.R.R.A.T. was born in August 2001 thanks to its two founders, Mario Sandri and Gabriele Sartori. They want to discover new ideas stimulating the desire to do something of all the people interested in this field. They also want to challenge each other and, of course, to do research. The starting point of their collaboration dates back to summer 2000, but the first attempts of research had already been done in autumn 1999 by Gabriele Sartori.

The G.R.R.A.T. makes inquires about meteoric swarms in the VLF waveband.

All members of the group had already spent many nights observing the sky. We are obtaining good results thanks to our improved knowledge and we are now able to construct our scientific instruments.

It is important that essence of collaboration and friendship we have in our group as well. The G.R.R.A.T. has many future projects, but to realize them we need your knowledge and your passion, too.

If you think you can contribute anything to this project, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

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