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On this page I will introduce myself in words and pictures

On stage with Giorgio Gaber and Paolo Dal Bon - ca. year 1994


At D.O.C. International Club,RAI TV, Control Room, year 1987


This is a Yamaha PM4000 Monitor mix at the Pope's concert in Bologna. I used it for Bob Dylan's performance. In the picture I'm just resetting the channels. Over me, on stage, is my assistant and backliner Gnop...he is also a great webmaster


For the same event, these are the other monitor desk, two Soundcraft SM24 (left a 40 ch, right a 60 ch), one SM 16 (left side) and a 500/12 under this for a orchestral premix. With me is Enzo Federico, my second assistant. Not in this pictures I would nominate also Francesco Penolazzi, for all this great number of channels (more than 200) we was in two at the mix monitors


This is my favorite F.O.H. desk, it's a Midas XL200. The picture was taken during the Rondo' Veneziano tour 2001 in NY¨rnberg (Germany) ...without me, but with my Mac G3 Powerbook! Click on the Picture to go to Soundhouse - Germany


That's me on a Soundcraft SM16 at "Un disco per l'estate" in Riccione (Italy), an openair TV Show

Me as teacher with short hair at the sound engineering school in Modena (Italy), The Live Sound Education 1999.
Click on the speaker to go to the Live Sound Education 2001 site


Me at the Festival of Sanremo (Italy), the consolles are two Soundcraft 800/16 and two Soundcraft 500 under these.

The P.A. System was a LEM CX 800, the Side Fills are Adamson


Picture take at Las Vegas - 2003 - Rondò Veneziano

Picture take at Basel - 2003 - Nek

Stage Pictures



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