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My name is Rinaldo, I'm Italian man. I have created this situated one in order to try to help a thai girl known for case in a bar of Patong (Phuket) in the August of 1996 during a vacation. Speaking whith her, I have noticed a booklet rose that held in the pocket goddesses jeans, I have opened it and I noticed that there was a red stamp with one given close "15 Decembers 1995" with the written "INFECT", I have endured understood that AIDS referred on the credit side. Then it has explained to me that it was a sanitary booklet that nearly all lady the bars must have in order to work in the bars and that they had to carry out every three months the test for the virus HIV, and as a result of eventual controls of the police had to show it..

Then the churches because she continued to work in the bar, although it was positive to the virus HIV , she would have infected many persons and the police would have arrested it, answered to me that she did not have alternative if wanted to maintain to its two children to house. From it never I have then not abandoned, are successful to far away carry it to house from its sons from Patong, I make to build one decorous house to take advantage also of the crisis financial institution in Asian Sud-Est of 1997.

Your name is Joy, she is a Thai girl, from more eleven years is positive to the virus HIV and at March 2007 your values of cells CD4 was = 563 cell/, she is entered in a phase much critic of this disease because  your immunity defense are low , she is to risk of opportunistic infections . She is entered in the sperimentation of GPO-VIR  (antiretroviral made in Thailand) in the March 2004, and of November 2007, she take a capsule of AZT 200mg + stavudine 150mg + navirapine 200mg.







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