This is one of those rare cases where a bootleg outshines the original in every way. Unlike the original G1 Powermaster Prime cab, this foreign varient features gold chrome, tinted transparent windows, and high quality parts. It's also fully compatible with the G1 Powermaster Prime/God Ginrai/Apex Armor Prime trailer in all modes. It comes complete with two guns and a flatbed trailer (not the trailer pictured), and features an all-new color scheme.


The box, styrofoam insert, Powermaster Ultra Magnus, two guns, and the flatbed trailer for carrying Autobot cars.


Looks great as part of the larger Optimus Prime mode.


Looks even better in truck mode!


And it looks pretty great on its own, as well! No longer just a cheap-looking immitation of the G1 original, this varient makes the Powermaster Prime mould shine all on its own.





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