Every collector of TF bootlegs and variants fantasizes about an enormously over-sized combiner team that looses absolutely nothing in the translation. Finally, that fantasy is realized. Super Over-Sized Sixbuilder is constructed EXACTLY as if someone blew the original up to 13" in height. It's made of the exact same quality plastic, and the only change to the mould is the bottom of Sixbuilder's fists, which have been redesigned for some reason. Everything else is exactly the same, making this one of the largest high quality unofficial TF variants to ever be produced. It's approximately the exact same height as the Over-Sized Bruticus set, and constructed of comparable quality. The translation to this size is absolutely breath-taking. The pictures don't do this set justice.


Look how this merge team dwarfs a G1 Wheeljack and Smokescreen. No, those aren't World's Smallest Transformers.


Here's the team in robot mode, along with G1 Wheeljack for size comparison. It's hard to imagine Micromasters produced on this kind of scale. Quite impressive!  

The team in vehicle mode. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear you were looking at the original scale micromasters.




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