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Agricultural Firm Canato Marco

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Azienda Agricola Canato Marco
Cą Baldea 18/2
15049 Vignale Monferrato (AL)
Piemonte - Italia
Phone & fax (+39)-0142-933.653
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e-mail: canatovini@yahoo.it


The agricultural firm "Canato" is on the hills of Vignale Monferrato and at its feetyou can see the ancient Fons Salera, famous in its time for its precious thermal waters.

In the eighteenth century the historical Firm belonged to the Benedectine Nuns and than, in the 1740, Bishop Caravadossi founded the Seminar library and purchased the homestead named "Baldea".

In the 50's the Canatos came to conduct it in metayage, so they saw those excellent lands, perfect for Winegrowing,and, believing firmly in their potentialities, it became of their own propriety. 

Marco and Roberto Canato have been running these thirteen hectare Firm, are planted with vines. The vineyards are grown with rational methods to produce high quality Grapes that lead to Vintage Wines, with characteristics of tipical originality, and unique organoleptic quality as rarely happens to meet.

The wine produced by Canato Firm are:

Our wines have excellently surpassed various enological competitions.
Within these competitions, in 1999 and 2001 our Grignolino has won the "quality OSCAR", winning the prestigious award "IL TORCHIO D'ORO" (Gold press), important enological competition made by Casale Monferrato town council.

We should be glad about meet you in our Firm, placed in the gentle Monferrato hills.