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CustomTreeCtrl is a class that mimics the behaviour of wx.TreeCtrl, with some more enhancements.

description Description

CustomTreeCtrl is a class that mimics the behaviour of wx.TreeCtrl, with almost the same base functionalities plus some more enhancements. This class does not rely on the native control, as it is a full owner-drawn tree control. Apart of the base functionalities of CustomTreeCtrl (described below), in addition to the standard wx.TreeCtrl behaviour this class supports:

  • CheckBox-type items: checkboxes are easy to handle, just selected or unselected state with no particular issues in handling the item’s children;
  • Added support for 3-state value checkbox items;
  • RadioButton-type items: since I elected to put radiobuttons in CustomTreeCtrl, I needed some way to handle them, that made sense. So, I used the following approach:
    • All peer-nodes that are radiobuttons will be mutually exclusive. In other words, only one of a set of radiobuttons that share a common parent can be checked at once. If a radiobutton node becomes checked, then all of its peer radiobuttons must be unchecked.
    • If a radiobutton node becomes unchecked, then all of its child nodes will become inactive.
  • Hyperlink-type items: they look like an hyperlink, with the proper mouse cursor on hovering;
  • Multiline text items (note: to add a newline character in a multiline item, press Shift + Enter as the Enter key alone is consumed by CustomTreeCtrl to finish the editing and Ctrl + Enter is consumed by the platform for tab navigation);
  • Enabling/disabling items (together with their plain or grayed out icons);
  • Whatever non-toplevel widget can be attached next to an item;
  • Possibility to horizontally align the widgets attached to tree items on the same tree level.
  • Possibility to align the widgets attached to tree items to the rightmost edge of CustomTreeCtrl;
  • Default selection style, gradient (horizontal/vertical) selection style and Windows Vista selection style;
  • Customized drag and drop images built on the fly;
  • Setting the CustomTreeCtrl item buttons to a personalized imagelist;
  • Setting the CustomTreeCtrl check/radio item icons to a personalized imagelist;
  • Changing the style of the lines that connect the items (in terms of wx.Pen styles);
  • Using an image as a CustomTreeCtrl background (currently only in “tile” mode);
  • Adding images to any item in the leftmost area of the CustomTreeCtrl client window.
  • Separator-type items which are simply visual indicators that are meant to set apart or divide tree items, with the following caveats:
    • Separator items should not have children, labels, data or an associated window;
    • You can change the color of individual separators by using SetItemTextColour, or you can use SetSeparatorColour to change the color of all separators. The default separator colour is that returned by wx.SystemSettings.GetColour(wx.SYS_COLOUR_GRAYTEXT);
    • Separators can be selected just like any other tree item;
    • Separators cannot have text;
    • Separators cannot have children;
    • Separators cannot be edited via the EVT_TREE_BEGIN_LABEL_EDIT event.
  • Ellipsization of long items when the horizontal space is low, via the TR_ELLIPSIZE_LONG_ITEMS style (New in version 0.9.3);
  • Tooltips on long items when the horizontal space is low, via the TR_TOOLTIP_ON_LONG_ITEMS style (New in version 0.9.3).

And a lot more. Check the demo for an almost complete review of the functionalities.

base Base Functionalities

CustomTreeCtrl supports all the wx.TreeCtrl styles, except:

  • TR_EXTENDED: supports for this style is on the todo list (am I sure of this?).

Plus it has 3 more styles to handle checkbox-type items:

  • TR_AUTO_CHECK_CHILD: automatically checks/unchecks the item children;
  • TR_AUTO_CHECK_PARENT: automatically checks/unchecks the item parent;
  • TR_AUTO_TOGGLE_CHILD: automatically toggles the item children.

And two styles you can use to force the horizontal alignment of all the widgets attached to the tree items:

  • TR_ALIGN_WINDOWS: aligns horizontally the windows belonging to the item on the same tree level.
  • TR_ALIGN_WINDOWS_RIGHT: aligns to the rightmost position the windows belonging to the item on the same tree level.

And two styles related to long items (with a lot of text in them), which can be ellipsized and/or highlighted with a tooltip:

  • TR_ELLIPSIZE_LONG_ITEMS: ellipsizes long items when the horizontal space for CustomTreeCtrl is low (New in version 0.9.3);
  • TR_TOOLTIP_ON_LONG_ITEMS: shows tooltips on long items when the horizontal space for CustomTreeCtrl is low (New in version 0.9.3);.

All the methods available in wx.TreeCtrl are also available in CustomTreeCtrl.

usage Usage

Usage example:

import wx
import wx.lib.agw.customtreectrl as CT

class MyFrame(wx.Frame):

    def __init__(self, parent):

        wx.Frame.__init(self, parent, -1, "CustomTreeCtrl Demo")

        # Create a CustomTreeCtrl instance
        custom_tree = CT.CustomTreeCtrl(self, agwStyle=wx.TR_DEFAULT_STYLE)

        # Add a root node to it
        root = custom_tree.AddRoot("The Root Item")

        # Create an image list to add icons next to an item
        il = wx.ImageList(16, 16)
        fldridx     = il.Add(wx.ArtProvider_GetBitmap(wx.ART_FOLDER,      wx.ART_OTHER, 16))
        fldropenidx = il.Add(wx.ArtProvider_GetBitmap(wx.ART_FILE_OPEN,   wx.ART_OTHER, 16))
        fileidx     = il.Add(wx.ArtProvider_GetBitmap(wx.ART_NORMAL_FILE, wx.ART_OTHER, 16))


        custom_tree.SetItemImage(root, fldridx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Normal)
        custom_tree.SetItemImage(root, fldropenidx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Expanded)

        for x in range(15):
            child = custom_tree.AppendItem(root, "Item %d" % x)
            custom_tree.SetItemImage(child, fldridx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Normal)
            custom_tree.SetItemImage(child, fldropenidx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Expanded)

            for y in range(5):
                last = custom_tree.AppendItem(child, "item %d-%s" % (x, chr(ord("a")+y)))
                custom_tree.SetItemImage(last, fldridx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Normal)
                custom_tree.SetItemImage(last, fldropenidx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Expanded)

                for z in range(5):
                    item = custom_tree.AppendItem(last,  "item %d-%s-%d" % (x, chr(ord("a")+y), z))
                    custom_tree.SetItemImage(item, fileidx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Normal)
                    custom_tree.SetItemImage(item, smileidx, wx.TreeItemIcon_Selected)


# our normal wxApp-derived class, as usual

app = wx.PySimpleApp()

frame = MyFrame(None)


This code snippet can be downloaded, see this example script.


Some of the AGW snippets of code in the documentation use images and external files (to create bitmaps or access external data). As these files are not provided in these snippets, you should make the approriate modifications to the code to actually run it.

events Events

All the events supported by wx.TreeCtrl are also available in CustomTreeCtrl, with a few exceptions:

  • EVT_TREE_GET_INFO (don’t know what this means);
  • EVT_TREE_SET_INFO (don’t know what this means);
  • EVT_TREE_ITEM_MIDDLE_CLICK (not implemented, but easy to add);
  • EVT_TREE_STATE_IMAGE_CLICK (no need for that, look at the checking events below).

Plus, CustomTreeCtrl supports the events related to the checkbutton-type items:

  • EVT_TREE_ITEM_CHECKING: an item is being checked;
  • EVT_TREE_ITEM_CHECKED: an item has been checked.

And to hyperlink-type items:

  • EVT_TREE_ITEM_HYPERLINK: an hyperlink item has been clicked (this event is sent after the EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED event).

platforms Supported Platforms

CustomTreeCtrl has been tested on the following platforms:
  • Windows (Windows XP);
  • GTK (Thanks to Michele Petrazzo);
  • Mac OS (Thanks to John Jackson).

styles Window Styles

This class supports the following window styles:

Window styles for customtreectrl
Window Styles Hex Value Description
TR_NO_BUTTONS 0x0 For convenience to document that no buttons are to be drawn.
TR_SINGLE 0x0 For convenience to document that only one item may be selected at a time. Selecting another item causes the current selection, if any, to be deselected. This is the default.
TR_HAS_BUTTONS 0x1 Use this style to show + and - buttons to the left of parent items.
TR_NO_LINES 0x4 Use this style to hide vertical level connectors.
TR_LINES_AT_ROOT 0x8 Use this style to show lines between root nodes. Only applicable if TR_HIDE_ROOT is set and TR_NO_LINES is not set.
TR_DEFAULT_STYLE 0x9 The set of flags that are closest to the defaults for the native control for a particular toolkit.
TR_TWIST_BUTTONS 0x10 Use old Mac-twist style buttons.
TR_MULTIPLE 0x20 Use this style to allow a range of items to be selected. If a second range is selected, the current range, if any, is deselected.
TR_EXTENDED 0x40 Use this style to allow disjoint items to be selected. (Only partially implemented; may not work in all cases).
TR_HAS_VARIABLE_ROW_HEIGHT 0x80 Use this style to cause row heights to be just big enough to fit the content. If not set, all rows use the largest row height. The default is that this flag is unset.
TR_EDIT_LABELS 0x200 Use this style if you wish the user to be able to edit labels in the tree control.
TR_ROW_LINES 0x400 Use this style to draw a contrasting border between displayed rows.
TR_HIDE_ROOT 0x800 Use this style to suppress the display of the root node, effectively causing the first-level nodes to appear as a series of root nodes.
TR_FULL_ROW_HIGHLIGHT 0x2000 Use this style to have the background colour and the selection highlight extend over the entire horizontal row of the tree control window.
TR_AUTO_CHECK_CHILD 0x4000 Only meaningful foe checkbox-type items: when a parent item is checked/unchecked its children are checked/unchecked as well.
TR_AUTO_TOGGLE_CHILD 0x8000 Only meaningful foe checkbox-type items: when a parent item is checked/unchecked its children are toggled accordingly.
TR_AUTO_CHECK_PARENT 0x10000 Only meaningful foe checkbox-type items: when a child item is checked/unchecked its parent item is checked/unchecked as well.
TR_ALIGN_WINDOWS 0x20000 Flag used to align windows (in items with windows) at the same horizontal position.
TR_ALIGN_WINDOWS_RIGHT 0x40000 Flag used to align windows (in items with windows) to the rightmost edge of CustomTreeCtrl.
TR_ELLIPSIZE_LONG_ITEMS 0x80000 Flag used to ellipsize long items when the horizontal space for CustomTreeCtrl is low.
TR_TOOLTIP_ON_LONG_ITEMS 0x100000 Flag used to show tooltips on long items when the horizontal space for CustomTreeCtrl is low.

events Events Processing

This class processes the following events:

Events processing for customtreectrl
Event Name Description
EVT_TREE_BEGIN_DRAG Begin dragging with the left mouse button.
EVT_TREE_BEGIN_LABEL_EDIT Begin editing a label. This can be prevented by calling Veto.
EVT_TREE_BEGIN_RDRAG Begin dragging with the right mouse button.
EVT_TREE_DELETE_ITEM Delete an item.
EVT_TREE_END_DRAG End dragging with the left or right mouse button.
EVT_TREE_END_LABEL_EDIT End editing a label. This can be prevented by calling Veto.
EVT_TREE_GET_INFO Request information from the application (not implemented in CustomTreeCtrl).
EVT_TREE_ITEM_ACTIVATED The item has been activated, i.e. chosen by double clicking it with mouse or from keyboard.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_CHECKED A checkbox or radiobox type item has been checked.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_CHECKING A checkbox or radiobox type item is being checked.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_COLLAPSED The item has been collapsed.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_COLLAPSING The item is being collapsed. This can be prevented by calling Veto.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_EXPANDED The item has been expanded.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_EXPANDING The item is being expanded. This can be prevented by calling Veto.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_GETTOOLTIP The opportunity to set the item tooltip is being given to the application (call TreeEvent.SetToolTip).
EVT_TREE_ITEM_HYPERLINK An hyperlink type item has been clicked.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_MENU The context menu for the selected item has been requested, either by a right click or by using the menu key.
EVT_TREE_ITEM_MIDDLE_CLICK The user has clicked the item with the middle mouse button (not implemented in CustomTreeCtrl).
EVT_TREE_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICK The user has clicked the item with the right mouse button.
EVT_TREE_KEY_DOWN A key has been pressed.
EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED Selection has changed.
EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGING Selection is changing. This can be prevented by calling Veto.
EVT_TREE_SET_INFO Information is being supplied to the application (not implemented in CustomTreeCtrl).
EVT_TREE_STATE_IMAGE_CLICK The state image has been clicked (not implemented in CustomTreeCtrl).

license License And Version

CustomTreeCtrl is distributed under the wxPython license.

Latest Revision: Andrea Gavana @ 10 Mar 2012, 21.00 GMT

Version 2.6

Module author: Andrea Gavana <>

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