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75 mm  Old German " Lineol "  Composition Toy-soldiers


 Lineol  and Elastolin

 Many companies produced composition figures in the Western European countries  from 1905 1960 , 

but only two achieved prominence in the field at the time ;

Lineol founded by Oskar Wiederholz in 1905 in Brandenburg/Havel 


O&M Hausser ( Elastolin ) founded in 1904 in Ludwigsberg .

Method of Manufacture

The method of making such figures derived from materials used inEuropean doll manufacturing since 1850 .

Pfeiffer of Vienna perfected the soldier tecnique around 1898 .

A multipart , accurately machined brass mold is prepared and a cereal-like mixture of wood flour , kaolin 

is hand-pressed into both halves. A skeleton is inserted of thin wire having been bent to the proper shape 

by hand.The molds are the joined, air-dryed and then heated for a time , to cure the figures.

After cooling , the figures were removed from the mold and , while still slightly flexible , trimmed by hand

 and hand-painted.

( From " Collecting Toy Soldiers " of Richard O'Brien )



           1LineRid.gif (174983 byte)                                      Lin.001)                 II War World


                                                   nickname  "Gulasch Kanone "

                                                                             Made and painted by Lineol - Germany on 1935









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