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54mm Handpainted "New Hope Design" Lead Model-soldiers



Ne1ByzAr.gif (181071 byte)        Ne.001)         Byzantium and Eastern Europe -  XI Century 

                             Byzantian Guard and Italian-Norman Mercenaries.

                             Made by New Hope Design -  on 1984




Ne2AbyWa.gif (160837 byte)       Ne.002)         English Colonial Wars - The Abyssinian War 186768

                            A Chief and a lower class warrior.

                            Made by New Hope Design -  on 1990





Ne3AmCiv.gif (167286 byte)       Ne.003)         American Civil War  186165

                           Private of 14th Brookling Rgt. wearing Standard

                            Union uniform over red trousers.

                          ( Notice the red Cap and the camouflage Mantel )

                                                     Made by New Hope Design -  on 1988



Ne4LanKe.gif (197002 byte)      Ne.004)         The Landsknechts on 1520

                           Halberdier , Sutleress and Packdonkey with load.

                            Made by New Hope Design and painted by Trisciani ( La Spezia)  on 1978




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