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bullet Home Page
bullet Site Map : this page.
This is my Railroad : Southern Pacific RR
  My Espee Home
  My favourite Places : The San Francisco Peninsula and Southern Pacific
  bullet Research: PDF files download
  Depot basics
  Menlo Park bullet Menlo Park Station - History
    bullet Menlo Park Station - A picture album
    bullet Menlo Park Station - Drawings and Maps
  bullet Menlo Park Station - N scale mode & Tips
  SP Freigth Cars in N scale :
  bullet Box cars
  bullet Flat cars
  bullet Hoppers
  bullet Ore-Tanks - Autoracks
  bullet Gondolas
  bullet Cabooses
  bullet PFE Reefers
  SP Steam Power in N scale :
  bullet 0-6-0 Switchers
  bullet 2-6-0 Moguls
  bullet 2-8-0 Consolidation
  bullet P-5 / P-6 class (Pacific) 4-6-2
  bullet MK-5 / MK-6 class (Mikado) 2-8-2
  bullet MT-1 / MT-4 class (Mountains) 4-8-2
  bullet GS-1 / GS-4 class 4-8-4
  bullet 4-8-8-82 Cab Forward
  Espee Links
Model RR at "Planning stage"
  bullet Scale and Theme selection
  bullet Select the Time : 1935-1945
  bullet Select a region : Reality and Fantasy
  Planning Operations
  bullet Towns & Industries
  bullet Industries details
  Layout design version 10
  bullet The final design ? ... yes!
  Layout design version 9
  bullet The final design ? ... no!
  Layout design version 8
  bullet Track plan - around the wall and "mushroom"
  bullet Bay to Bay : from the City to Santa Cruz
  Layout design version 4
  bullet Multi layer - around the wall design
  Layout design version 3
  bullet Layout description
  bullet Track plan
  Layout design version 1
  bullet Another "little" Layout for a single Man
  My Train Models 
  bullet My Old Trains Models
  bullet My Rolling Models
  My Structure Models
  bullet Structures : Kits & Scratchbuilding
  bullet Chama : Coal tower and sand House
  bullet Water Tower Tutorial
  bullet Chama Diorama
  bullet A little Field Market
  bullet Weimer's Grist Mill
  Just for fun
  bullet Jokes and legends
Red passion : a Ferrari collection in 1/43 scale
  bullet Ferrari models Road Cars
  bullet Ferrari models Sport Cars
  bullet Ferrari models Formula 1
Sails & Ships : I love it, but ...
Pictures from the Word
  bullet Page 1
  bullet Page 2
  bullet Page 3
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